About US

Why Choose Us

We started Beast of the East Baseball with a passion to  promote the game of baseball and give amateur players a platform to showcase their talents by providing  venues in front of college, universities and MLB organizations. We understand that exposure is a key component to receiving a scholarship or a pro contract. Another component is accessibility. We  will host top notch events locally and nationally.

Beast of the East Baseball's vision is to create opportunities for amateur players to be seen and to continue to pursue their dream of playing at the next level.

Our vision is to get as many players as possible a scholarship or the opportunity to continue their baseball career. 

Our goal:

  • Educate and assist players, parents and fans of the game
  • Host Showcases and events at quality venues and/or facilities
  • Help ensure that everyone gets an opportunity to be seen evaluated and educated on their skills and areas of improvement.
  • Elevate and give exposure to talent and skills
  • Promote baseball everywhere
  • Get a higher education
  • Play at the next level
  • Make more accessible 
  • Work with University and college coaches as well as MLB organizations

"Things never happen on accident. They happen because you have a vision, you have a commitment, you have a dream."

Our showcases and events look to evaluate and educate all players who have a desire to play.



Why should I attend this showcase?

Not only will you get recieve knowledge from some of the best people in the game, but you will also have the opportunity to get to the next level in your baseball career.

What does Beast of the East Baseball offer that other showcases do not?

You are part of our Family 

We offer a continual effort to educate, improve skills and gain more exposure. We will assist in the process of seeking the next level. 

How can I be a part of this showcase?

Showcases are invite only, but you may attend our mini tryout by registering on the website*****